Jan 14

Old Man

This past weekend I posted a picture to my twitter account. It was a selfie that I took at the marina. Lately, people who don’t know me or my passions have been saying that I look a lot like, or should be, a sea captain.

Do you see it now?

Well, my twitter is linked to my Facebook and a coworker noticed it and said


It took me a day or so to get the rough work done (pun intended). A bit of shading and dodging and burning, adjust the contrast in the background. I started out by taking out the background, isolating my face and creating a grid so that I could match up a different, wrinkled old man face over mine. Once it was lined up and in the right orientation, I pulled the old man off to the side and starting transposing wrinkles from one face to the other. I changed the hair colour, added some bags under my eyes, even thinned out my face a bit too. The thing is though, there has to be a story. I’m making a version of me that’s been at sea for years (albeit not necessarily consecutively). I figure, I’ve seen some things. I’m also thinking that I’m still quite active and can do anything that needs to be done, physically that is. So I didn’t want to add pudge or old man sagging. Although, the fact that I love sailing, I thought that at some point, I probably took a boom to the face, so I broke my nose. In the picture, I broke it, not actually. Without further delay…

I had a lot of fun with this. I haven’t had much excuse to work on an image with photo manipulation as the goal. It was great to get back in to it and realize that I haven’t lost as much skill as I thought I had. If you’d like to see how I did it, I can probably do a small step by step.


Jun 13


The Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue is a non-profit organization that saves lives on the water. Formerly known as the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary – Pacific, RCM-SAR had a re-branding in the summer of 2012 in order to distinguish the difference between the volunteer search & rescue (SAR) organization and the Federal Coast Guard, who do a lot more than just SAR.I am currently a volunteer with RCM-SAR Unit 33. Each unit is operated by a separate board and organization. Oak Bay Sea Rescue is a charity that operates one of the oldest auxiliary units on the Pacific coast, it operates Unit 33. There are RCM-SAR units throughout B.C. and if you’re interested in volunteering, hit up the website at www.rcmsar.com.Check out more featured images on the gallery page

All images are © Matthew Kerr (Kerr Photography), prints are available on SmugMug.

Jun 13

Pulse Magazine

Well, it sure has been a while since I posted anything here. If you’ve been following along on Facebook at all, you’ll have seen that I’ve been quite active with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 33 at various special events. I’ll post some of those pictures up here in a couple days.

Pulse Magazine is a new publication by the Victoria Foundation (linky). It focuses on recent news of the community and organizations that have received grants. One of those organizations is Recreation Integration Victoria, a company I used to work for. Boulevard, the company producing the first issue of pulse, contacted me a couple weeks ago to get a shot that I took of the trailrider in action in to the publication, here it is below!

More to come.

Dec 12


Over the last several months, I have been travelling to and from Bamfield, British Columbia to visit with my girlfriend. She is studying at the Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC).Sarita Lake The road, for those who haven’t driven it, is long and bumpy; it is after all an active logging road. I’ve driven the road many times, mainly to go camping in the area, but not as many times in the last four months. For the first couple trips, I could easily take my time going back and forth; I’d stop along the way to take pictures. Lately, however, It’s been getting dark at around 4:30. And the picture taking hasn’t happened as much on the trip itself.LoggingThis shot here is just off of the main road to Bamfield.  This is actually a large stand of trees in the cut.  It goes up the hill behind me for probably another kilometer or two.Storm Clouds over PacheenaThere was a small break in the clouds while walking down Pacheena Beach; it’s located within the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and the head of the West Coast Trail.Pacheena BeachPacheena SurfOn one of the days, on my way home, the road was washed out and it forced me to take a route that I hadn’t driven before.  Thankfully I had my back road map book with me and didn’t get too turned around.  However, it spat me out on the south side of Cowichan Lake (normally I drive on the north side, through Youbou) and I was able to capture this sight.Cowichan LakeAll of these images, with the exception of the last shot, are photographs of the Huu-ay-aht traditonal territory. The Cowichan Lake panorma is from the Ditidaht territory.

All images are © Matthew Kerr (Kerr Photography), prints are available on SmugMug.

Aug 12

Ragley Farm – 100th Anniversary

I had an amazing time at Ragley Farm’s 100th Anniversary party this last weekend out in East Sooke. There was amazing food, music and lots of people dressed in period clothing. The farm at one point was actually owned by royalty, or at least cousins of the royal family. Dukes?

Click here to see more images from Ragley Farm!

Jun 12

Fierce Studio: The Test

GroupFor even more images, head on over to Google+ or check out Kerr Photography on Facebook.
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